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Businesses no matter the size, produce a lot of waste every year. The sad thing is that it’s not difficult or expensive for business owners to implement Eco-Friendly policies, but most don’t because it’s usually viewed as an inconvenience or not important.

As business owners, we need to lead by example and provide the tools needed for our employees (if you have any) to make decisions based on the good of the planet. Because without the Earth, our businesses wouldn’t be here.

Stock reusables

Instead of offering plastic cutlery, paper plates, plastic cups, etc.. in the break room, offer real plates, metal cutlery, and reusable cups and mugs. They will end up saving you money in the long run, plus your business won’t be contributing to the plastic waste epidemic that is plaguing the Earth.

Don’t have employees? – Use reusables in your day to day life. Say no to single-use items.

Print less

Does that doc really need to be printed? Most of the time, we print things that didn’t really need to be printed. They end up in the trash or lost somewhere.

Instead, print to PDF and save that doc in Google Drive or on your computer.

For the times that you do need to print, invest in a laser printer.

The cartridges last forever as compared to an inkjet! If you’re a small business owner like me, and you don’t print very often, it’s a great option because you won’t run into those ink cartridges drying out in between use. That is costly, wasteful and frustrating.

The print quality of laser printers is really nice as well.

It’ll end up saving you money in the long run and Laser printers have come down in price over the last few years so that’s an added perk!


Instead of trash pick up, get recycling pick up. Most everything used by every business can be recycled. Metal, plastics, paper, boxes, glass, etc..

Encourage your employees to bring their recycling from home, this could be a nice employee perk!

Pack a lunch

This is not only a healthy option but sustainable as well. Encourage employees to bring lunch as well by offering a fridge, microwaves, or a stove to warm lunches or snacks.

Say no to that Keurig

or at least only offer reusable single cups with bulk coffee grounds. Maybe a regular coffee maker uses more water, but it creates way less waste than Keurig kcups do, plus it’ll save you a ton of money!

Keurig cups are not recyclable and they do not decompose. That fad needs to die. Not to mention the health risks involved with heating a plastic pod with an aluminum top… Eek…

If drip coffee isn’t your thing or you don’t want to offer reusable single cups for an existing Keurig, consider a single-cup manual espresso maker. Yes, there’s more work involved, but if you’re offering coffee, espresso is a nice perk. Check out ROK. Their manual espresso machines are well made, minimal and simple to use. No wasted water, no wasted coffee, and no wasted plastic pods. Compost the grounds for even less waste or save them, bag them, and give them to employees for their gardens.

Encourage sustainable practices, but don’t judge

Do what you can to make your business Eco-Friendly and encourage your employees to use the tools you’ve provided, but don’t judge or belittle them if they don’t. Everyone has to make their own choice.

Our providing and using ethical practices will encourage those around us.

How have you made your business Eco-Friendly? I’d love to hear in the comments


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