Setting up Google Analytics

Google analytics monitors visits and visitor behavior on your website.

It offers insight into which country your audience is from. The age range and gender of your audience, and type of device your site is being viewed on.

If you need any more explanation for set up or have any questions, please contact me.

Let's get started


Go to

You’ll need to sign into your Google account to continue the set-up. Be sure to use the email for your business. Click “Start Measuring”


Input your Account Name

This is the name of your business. (i.e The Sandwich Shop) 

Add your name and click next. You can leave the check boxes checked.



Select the platform you want to measure

Select Web unless you also have an app for your business, then select Apps and Web. 

This tutorial is only for the Web option. 

Click next.


Set up your property

Follow the instructions on this page and click “Create”

A box will pop up with Google’s Terms of Service agreement. Click the accept boxes, then click “I Accept”


Screenshot this page

When set up is complete you’ll be sent to the page shown in the photo below. Send me the screenshot of this page.

I’ll input this on your website so you can start seeing results. Please note it can take up to 48 hours to see results.

If you weren’t directed to this page click Admin > Tracking Info > Tracking code

The black marks on the photo are for privacy reasons.


View your analytics

Click and view what Google Analytics has to offer. If you have any questions or need help with anything let me know. 

To view your analytics download the Google Analytics app on Android or Apple or go to to view at anytime.

You’ll also receive monthly emails with a record of how many visitors you received that month.